Air kelapa muda (coconut water/drink(?)) on a hot day

I wish I have a coconut tree in front of my house. Or maybe a coconut water/drink(?) seller in my neighborhood. Its been such a hot day, what with baking and stuff, that I really.. really wish I can drink some coconut drink or air kelapa muda in Malay. Its a really great thirst quencher on hot days, and word has it that it can help reduce your body heat if you have a fever.

Be warned though, NEVER take air kelapa muda with any medicine. I heard that it can clash with whatever medicinal properties that it contains and might harm your body.

I just googled up “coconut”. I have no idea what air kelapa muda is in English. Its seems so weird that wikipedia have a description under coconut water . I would have called in coconut drink.

I remember I had this science lesson when in primary school that lists down all the uses and benefits of the coconut fruit and tree. Read it up here on wikipedia. It’s so much more longer than I remembered when I was in school. I kinda remember it being less than 10, but wikipedia’s listing of its uses is around 50.

The pic below shows the best way to have fresh coconut drink. I’m gonna get a drink of iced water now. It’ll have to do for my thirst until I find a coconut drink seller. Which is not any time soon during this long Merdeka break. Happy Merdeka again Malaysia.

Air Kelapa Muda Fresh


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