Kek Gula Hangus a.k.a Honeycomb Cake

I was looking for a recipe for Kek Gula Hangus (translated to Burnt Sugar Cake) a.k.a Honeycomb cake. And I found the recipe in the link below.

The steps looks pretty easy to me. The last time time I tried to bake this cake though, I literally “hanguskan” the sugar. Must be because of the pot I was using. Haha. Sure, blame the pot. Duh!

I’m gonna try out this new recipe real soon. I have all the ingredients already. Looks like the perfect cake to bake for this weekend. If successful, another delicious cake that I can add to my baking business. Which so far only includes chocolate cake and (the not as popular and a pain to make) marble cake. Need some variety real soon.

There’s another recipe I found, well, more like the video of how to make Honeycomb Cake on Youtube. The outcome looks good. Maybe I’ll try this too.

Oh, and while I was searching for it, I found two great directories for favourite Malay food. Yummy new recipes to try out. ; )


2 Responses

  1. Just tried the recipe from the youtube video.

    And the verdict….(drum roll please)

    Its delicious. Its spongy, and not too sweet.

    The honeycomb effect are not very visible though cause I used 2 baking tins (7×7 inch square) instead of 1 (9 inch round tin) , to make it a bit thinner.

    Preparation time, 1 1/2 hours.
    Baking time 1 hr

    Eating time 1 hr to polish of half a cake between 4 ppl. Yummy. ; )

  2. wow the youtube video sure makes it look easy…am gonna try it again…somehow or another my cake always come out not cooked in the middle! i suspect it’s my lousy oven.

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